WP4: Social network with a proper tagging system for the digital city
Under WP4 the social network appropriate for a digital city will be designed, according the principles and the standards defined in SEA. This social network will structure a virtual community with common interests in the city area, while its purposes concern the encouragement of social participation in decision making. This social network will be compared to the operation of well known ones (e.g. a special group in Facebook). Moreover, alternative methods will be investigated with which this digital city’s social network will deliver location based services. 

Moreover, tagging issues will be investigated in order for the appropriate system for the social network to be composed. Significant case studies will be analyzed concerning tags in cities (e.g. the QR marks in various US cities that describe sightseeing), in order for the tagging system to be determined and describe successfully the digital city’s network. Furthermore, tag mining methods will be proposed, so that the context of the digital city’s social network or the others operating the city they will contribute to decision making. 

The findings of this WP will be composed in a scientific article, that will be proposed for publication in a scientific conference  and to a scientific journal.
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